Breastfeeding Workshop 19:30-20:30

Workshop 1
What makes human milk so incredible? In this master class, I will blow your mind with what research has to say about what’s really in your amazing milk! You will literally fall in love with natural medicine that helps your baby to thrive! We will also delve into how your body produces milk and how we can work with nature to maximise our supply.

Workshop 2
This master class empowers you to feel confident in the art that is breastfeeding. We will talk about the how the most fundamentals that lead the way to successful breastfeeding. We will explore the fine-tuning that makes milk transfer optimum and breastfeeding comfortable. It gives you a tool kit that will help you in most situations.

Workshop 3
Making breastfeeding a success from day 1! In this master class, we dissect those crucial periods right after birth and what it means to adapt to the normal expectations of a newborn and how through doing so we optimise successfully breastfeeding. We will explore day to day care of the newborn and how different breastfeeding positions can be a lifesaver and adapt to most circumstances.

Workshop 4
In this masterclass, we are going to explore some common concerns that can steer breastfeeding right off the track. Some of the most common concerns that can lead to stopping breastfeeding earlier than you would have liked. We talk about the top ones and bust myths that can get through these wobbles and back on track or sustain breastfeeding before more specialist help arrives!

Classes are held on Zoom each Tuesday evening at 19:30-20:30

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