devoted to advocating for the wellbeing of children and their families

At Lactalove we are devoted to advocating for the wellbeing of children and their families to promote the healthiest outcomes.

This is achieved through demonstrating a key understanding of how science supports the many ways that nature intended to support your’s and your baby’s health and wellbeing and working to protect those through education and support.

What Our families say

Gemma Ward
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From the moment we were recommended to seek help and support from Kerry, we knew we'd done the right thing. Kerry was super quick at responding to our cry for help and we got an appointment pretty much straight away. Kerry's wealth of knowledge really supported us in understanding how to breastfeed as we pretty much went into feeding with very little knowledge. We never knew feeding would be so challenging as we faced difficulties at birth, a tongue-tie division, reflux and even breast cysts. Kerry supported us with everything through visits to the home, telephone calls, regular messages and even some personalised videos to demonstrate the new skills we needed to learn. Without Kerry's support, kindness and knowledge, we wouldn't be where we are now. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you! You really did save us!
Zoe Howell
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I can't thank lactalove enough for the enormous support provided through a challenging time we had with feeding issues and tongue tie. Kerry gave In-depth knowledge with a non-judgmental friendly smile. Reaching out to Lactalove was the best thing I have done for my baby and family.
Kathryn Small
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Kerry is such a friendly, warm person as well as being so so knowledgeable. She really helped us through a really tough time when my son had lost 11% of his birth weight due to a tonque tie. She explained how breastfeeding works, how I could increase my supply, different positions I could try etc. She also answered any questions I had after my consultation. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone and wouldn't hesitate to consult her again in the future whether that was for my son again or any future children to come.
Jemma Eleanor
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Kerry is an extremely friendly and approachable lady who listened to my concerns and offered honest advice and support. Whilst I was pregnant, Kerry helped me with information regarding the first feed after birth which was very helpful and allowed me to feel confident and comfortable after my daughter was born. Since then, she has advised me on positioning techniques, as well as information about reflux which was very reassuring and eased my concerns. Thank you!

Lactalove specifically helps parents through expertise in Breastfeeding that allows us to offer wonderful services that optimise the chances of breastfeeding your child whilst preparing for any potential barriers through early education and expert information to minimise the struggles that can come with a desire to breastfeed.

Lactalove strips back the biological, psychological and social elements that contribute to successful breastfeeding

We aim to enlighten women or those giving birth to understand the ways that can protect their breastfeeding relationship with their child(ren) Lactalove is equipped to support you from the very beginning and exploration of your feeding journey to the very last time you feed your baby and beyond.

We have the skills to work with complex cases related to breastfeeding and have designed packages that can cater for increasing the chances of breastfeeding aligning with your feeding goals. Here at Lactalove, we also have the capacity to cater for the huge spectrum of what feeding means for your family.

No two families are the same and that’s why our packages are designed in a way to ensure we do not offer services that are anything less than unique and individual. This is because feeding your child can look differently for everyone and we can work towards what that picture means for you based on your personal circumstances. Mothering through breastfeeding is your baby’s first relationship and we want to help make it the most enjoyable and rewarding relationship for both of you as possible.

Becoming pregnant is such an enormous journey in a woman’s/child bearers life. There are so many shifts and adjustments within your life and we are so proud to be able to support you through this.

Lactalove is an accredited KGH Hypnobirthing practitioner and offers an incredible 12-week course to prepare emotionally and physically for birth. The course involves understanding the physiological process of birth and what makes our bodies so wonderful and what they do, create and birth our children.

KGH Hypnobirthing addresses the favourable set up for birth

KGH Hypnobirthing explores why this works in sync with what we as mammals are wired to desire in the preparation and moment of giving birth. Through relaxation and other psychological practises you can feel empowered to use all of the wonderful natural calming and relaxation techniques to ride the wave of labour. Many women have shared what an enjoyable experience birth was for them for those that have undergone the KGH Hypnobirthing course.

This 12-hour course spread over 3 sessions is a wonderful bonding opportunity for you and your birthing partner as well as some sharing this course with other partners preparing for birth.

Lactalove has a huge passion for offering this course to women because it is the fundamental practice that empowers women in their bodies and their ability to birth their child. Regardless of the type of delivery, you have this course works wonderfully for any birth experience because the fundamental techniques can be used throughout the whole of pregnancy and post-partum because it is about celebrating how amazing you are and how capable you are to care, grow and birth your baby.

Parenthood can be daunting on its own and prevents parents with many challenges. There is so much information out there it can be easy to become confused, stressed and wonder if you and your child are on the right track.

At Lactalove we have developed a Mindful Mothering course to bring you much-needed space and to provide the tools to help deal with the stresses of parenting.

The Mindful Mothering course is a wonderful way of building self-asteem and self-worth in your ability to nurture your baby

Lactalove will help you to grow unapologetically into the mother/parent you long to become. It’s about not being oppressed in this way because of what others may be doing and normalising parenting choices that do not sit with what your instinct tells you.

This is achieved by learning day to day techniques through relaxation, affirmations and understanding how the society we live in creates barriers for us to do this.

This is a priceless course unique to Lactalove for anyone becoming a parent in 20th century UK society and understanding the layers that can go against our ability to love ourselves as women/those becoming parents in a world where it can be a struggle to do so. It also looks at building healthy relationships with those around us to promote and support the person we wish to be as women, as mothers.

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